Illustration Short Course - Day 1

Our first Short Course – Introduction to Illustration commenced on Saturday, 30th August.

The weather has been giving our illustration courses a bit of the cold shoulder – Saturday was cold, again, after a wonderful week of sunshine and heat. But, we had our heater, blankets and some coffee and the illustration continued snugly and safely in our little studio space. Personally I think the weather was just jealous that it couldn’t join …

We started looking at watercolour as a medium, and how to apply it to the art of botanical illustration. This might sound like a strange place to start, but, looking at plants is a wonderful way to start changing your view “looking vs. seeing”.

Watercolour exercises

We all know what a Protea looks like, right? Truth is, when you start really looking at the plant, I mean, really looking at it, you start to notice things you didn’t see before. The subtle change of the colours on the leaves, the vast variation between different shades of pink on ONE petal, the way it spirals in an almost mathematical fashion, and the the actual flowers, protected by pink and green leaves, have the finest, most minute detail that you could wonder at forever.

A participant choosing to illustrate a cross section of the Protea

This was our starting point, and, as being an illustrator is all about finding out what the best way to communicate an idea, be it scientific or creative is, participants were asked to illustrate this Protea, using watercolour and pencil, in a way that they felt best communicated the essence of this plant.

I’ll post an update of finished products next week.

P.S. A massive thank you to Blossom, our local florist who so kindly provided us with these gorgeous flowers! She’s just down the road from us, her shop is cheerful and well worth a visit.

Plotting composition
Thank you for the flowers, Blossom Florists

Recent Studio Illustration Work

Some recent architectural illustations to come from the Studio. More of a conceptual project, we were asked to create a “look and feel” and as to what the general atmostphere of the property would be.

Illustration Mini Workshop Saturday 16th August 2014

Last Saturday we had our first Illustration “mini workshop” at Blokhuiz. The morning surprised us with a bit of a cold, rainy spell, but we had some coffee and snacks to fight off the cold, and Magdel’s hand made blinds to keep the cold out (she’s genius that woman!).

The ten of us spent the morning discussing illustration and the role it has played in our lives, specifically the emotional impact that we had all personally experienced. This experience didn’t stop at our childhood, many of the group could relate to emotional connections that they formed to illustrations, and more specifically, those found in picture books, today.

In its manifesto, The CJ Picture Book Festival in South Korea captures the essence of modern day picture books:

Picture books, in the present era, enjoy a status as a culture form to be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a precious and versatile art that has already left the confines of paper behind, shattering the boundaries of its own genre and fusing with various other forms of art and imagery.”

We continued the workshop with a few ideation exercises … illustrating noises. We played with paint, charcoal and pens, and ended up with some very interesting illustrated self-portraits … that, in true illustrative style, gave us a unique, and often fun, insight into the personality of each participant.

Thanks for a great morning! We’re happy to announce that we’re officially kicking off our first Introduction to Illustration short course at the end of August. You can download the info pack here, and email adrie@blokhuiz,com for more information and registration.

PDF: illustration_pamphlet_web.pdf

Children’s Art Classes

We had our very first Cildren’s Art Class at Blokhuiz Studio last week, and, let’s just say we’re very excited about what the future holds.

Our theme for today’s class was “exploring line from found objects”, so we ventured out into the studio’s surroundings and found some inspiration in the plants … and rocks … that we encountered. Line is really the foundation of art, and nature has so many gorgeous examples of it to draw inspiration from.

Here are a few pictures of the afternoon’s adventures.

and finally ….

Some new work

Here’s a snipped of some work that’s come out of the studio recently :)

Brightrock Office Art - detail (Adrie le Roux)
Twee Sussies (Adrie le Roux)

Artwork exhibtied at Rust en Vrede Gallery - Durbanville, Cape Town

Architectural Illustration (detail)

Detail from a playground sketch - architectural illustration for Karoo Square